when I moved to the most cutthroat city in the world: New York. Everyday, I was in and out of stressful auditions, working hospitality jobs that depleted my joy, and experiencing rejection on a daily basis.

After two years of 'the grind,' my ED's still going strong, I booked my first long-term, well paying job as an actor. That job changed my life. I was able to do what I LOVE every day, I felt a new sense of purpose and validity, and I settled into mindfulness practices like meditation, journaling and yoga. At the end of the 8 months I spent on that job, I returned home, and my family and friends didn't recognize me! I had lost 40 pounds without trying. No one could believe that I hadn't dieted or started exercising more. The truth was, it wasn't what I had done, it was what I had stopped doing: I had stopped punishing myself for not being skinny, and found value in myself that I hadn't seen before. In that space, the weight came off naturally.

The cycle continued after graduation,

The only way to truly appreciate the beautiful moments in life is to learn to appreciate the moments in between.

Perfection doesn't exist, so stop trying to find it.

Connections and experiences last longer than anything material.

Everyone should do yoga. And meditate.

Breathing from your belly (instead of from your chest) can change everything.

MK's five rules to love by:

navigate their own healing journey with food + their bodies. In 2020, I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a certified Health Coach. Combined with a 200hr yoga TT from Embodied Philosophy, I use my knowledge of nutrition, the body, the mind, and the heart to help clients stuck at the bottom of the disordered eating mountain. Change is possible; I'm living proof!

I have found a passion in helping others

As a recovered binge eater,